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About Drugs: Ecstasy

Ecstasy is a hallucinogenic amphetamine belonging to the MDA family, of which there are over 1000 compounds.  Its full name is methlenedioxmethamphetamine.  It was first synthesised by two German chemists in 1910.  Its effects were discovered in the 1950’s by American researcher, Gordon Alles.

Ecstasy is produced illegally in laboratories in Europe.  In tablet form, it is usually white in colour with a logo stamped on the surface.   Home made tablets or capsules are very often brown speckled.

The hallucinogenic effects (a Rush feeling) start after about twenty minutes and can last for several hours.

Large doses can cause feelings of anxiety, panic and confusion.   Regular use can lead to insomnia, bouts of depression and lethargy.

Methods of using
Ecstasy is consumed orally in capsule/tablet form and is known to have cause damage to brain receptors.

Signs of use include excessive drinking of fluids especially soft drinks during high.  Tablets/capsules of varying colours.

Damage to brain receptors.  Some fatalities associated with use of drug.

Street names
Ecstasy, ‘E’, Adam, XTC, Discs, Biscuits, Lovedoves, MDMA and M and M’s.


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