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About Drugs: Crack

Off white to yellow in colour and looks like marble chips.  Crack is produced from a manufacturing process whereby cocaine is dissolved in water and heated with a chemical reagent to ‘free’ the cocaine alkaloid ‘base’ from the powder.  This forms small crystals or rocks which when smoked in pipes ‘cracks’.  Crack is classed as a stimulant.

The effects of crack are intense and immediate but wear off within 15 minutes.

Methods of using
Can be smoked in specially adapted pipes or use of flattened Coke cans, holes punched in the can and crack rock placed over the holes once heated, user inhales the fumes.

Signs of use include paper wraps, small plastic bags, rock pipes or coke cans used for smoking.

High addiction potential. Crack can be dangerous to health having direct toxic action on the heart that can be fatal.

Physical symptoms are similar to cocaine but it is more addictive when smoked.   Other symptoms include aggressive behaviour, toxic psychosis, and eyesight sensitive.

Street names
Crack, Rock and Freebase.


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