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About Drugs: Cocaine

Cocaine is one of the fourteen drugs derived from the leaves of the Andean Coca Shrub that has been growing in South America for thousands of years.  Cocaine itself is a crystalline white powder and is classed as a stimulant.

Used in small quantities in the soft drink ‘Coca Cola’ until 1907.

Produces a feeling of well being, exhilaration, and indifference to pain and fatigue.  Physical effects are dry mouth, sweating, loss of appetite, diarrhoea, tightness around the chest, insomnia, exhaustion, buzzing in the ears and the inability to relax. Dilated pupils are also signs of use.

The risk of psychological dependence is high due to the short effects of the drug.  High doses or continual use can increase blood pressure, cause cardiac arrest and /or respiratory collapse.

Methods of using
Can be taken in many different ways including: - Orally (by chewing leaf or dissolved in drink), sniffed (snorted in lines through a tube), smoked or injected.

Signs of use include paper wraps, syringes/needles, small mirrors, razor blades and snorting tubes.

Hallucinations, agitation, paranoia, convulsions.  HIV/Hepatitis (shared needles).

Street names
Coke, Snow, Charlie, Toot, Dust, and C.


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