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About Drugs: Amphetamine

Amphetamine sulphate is a synthetic drug.   It can be purchased, in some countries, as a stimulant – Dexedrine, Durophet etc...   Generally found as a white, grey, pink or yellow powder.

Invented in Germany in the 1930s and was prescribed to combat depression or as a slimming aid.  Used during the Second World War to keep soldiers awake and suppress appetite.

Methods of using
Can be taken in a drink, sniffed through a tube or injected.   Has the effect of stimulating the taker who will feel more awake and alert.  Also creates moods, aggressiveness and confused thinking.  Constant use causes depletion of the body’s natural resources.

Signs of use include paper wraps, needles/syringes.

Ecstasy is consumed orally in capsule/tablet form and is known to have cause damage to brain receptors.

Signs of use include excessive drinking of fluids especially soft drinks during high.  Tablets/capsules of varying colours.

Dangers of amphetamine use can include hallucinations, delusions, panic, paranoia, depression, heart failure and the spread of HIV/hepatitis through sharing needles.

Hallucinations, delusions, panic, paranoia, depression and heart failure.  HIV/Hepatitis (shared needles).

Street names
Amphet, Billy, Speed, Sulph, Whizz, Uppers.


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